• What are the recommended care instructions?
Recommended Care

Reusable/Washable Face Masks
Gently hand wash face mask with warm soapy water.
We recommend washing the face mask before every use.
Hang or line dry. (Drying the face masks can take some time.)

PM2.5 Filters
The PM2.5 Filers can be used for one week before being disposed of.
Before inserting filter into clean face mask, wash your hands.
Before removing filter from used face mask, wash your hands.
Washing of the filters is not recommended.

  • Do you plan on selling additional PM2.5 filters?

4/6/20 - We have brought in additional filters, they can be found here.
5/3/20 - All our filters are sold out. The only filters available are the ones that are already packaged inside our masks. Currently, we are discussing with our supplier to bring in more as soon as possible. An email will be sent out to the subscriber list when they become available.

  • I've lost the o-rings for my ear straps, what can I do?
    • Additional O-Rings can be found here.
    • However, we are currently working on a new option of ear straps that will be more comfortable to wear all day and will be less prone to having the adjustable o-rings come off.
  • Where is my order??

We process and ship out all orders within one business day.

Standard shipping is typically shipped out USPS First Class.

First Class Mail while it states 3-5 days, can actually take from 5-10 business days to end up at the final destination.

Sometimes USPS First Class items do not scan at our origin facility and only on the arrival at the destination facility. But rest assured, we ship out all items within one business day.


USPS Priority delivers within 3 days.

UPS Ground is about 4 days.

If you have ordered and still haven't received your product, please reach out to us at info@MasksCanHelp.com. We follow up with all the carriers to ensure you receive your product.

All carriers have ensured us that packages will all be delivered. Some may expect delays due to COVD-19.

  • Where are you guys located?

    We're based in Montebello, CA. We cut and sew all our masks in house.