About us

The threat of the virus could easily be seen not through the words of countries, but by the actions of said countries.

In all the infected countries,one thing could be seen in all the footage. Politicians, healthcare workers, and regular citizens all had the same thing on.


Our US based factory has been in the clothing industry for over ten years. As the virus became more of a threat and the ability to buy masks became harder, we decided to take action.

We understood that people didn't want to create a shortage of supplies that our healthcare workers needed. They just had no other way to protect themselves.

So we got to work on several patterns for the face mask, but decided on the current design. The mask wasn't perfect yet, but we knew we needed to get the masks out there in order to bend the curve.

Then the official calling from Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti came in March 2020. He called upon the fashion industry in the Los Angeles area to make masks to help bend the curve and slow the virus. [1,2]

We'll continue to make changes to the masks in order to make our product better in order to combat the virus.

Stay well, and always remember. Nothing beats washing hands and social distancing.