Masks Can Protect Others, but Also Yourself

The CDC is making a point to let people know that masks protect not just other people from the Coronavirus, but the wearer themselves.

If people wear the masks consistently and correctly, the positive benefits of the masks combating covid-19 will be more visible.

Last April, the CDC recommended wearing cloth face covering citing evidence that the Coronavirus was easily spread via asymptomatic carriers. In essence, the CDC recommended masks so that asymptomatic spreaders would not spread the virus to others.

However, in November 2020, the CDC is updating their report to confirm that clothe masks also are reducing the amount of airborne virus that could potentially be inhaled by the mask wearers.

When choosing a mask, Dr Scott Segal is recommending holding up the mask to a bright light or the sun. If you can see the individual fibers of the fabric, it's probably too thin to help protect against the Coronavirus.

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